In 2015 Jack Savoretti was so disillusioned with his musical career after the release of three studio albums which failed to set any of the charts on fire, that he was considering a career change. But that all changed when in 2015 he released Written In Scars, his first album to be released by a major record label and which climbed to a respectful number seven in the album charts. With a career that was suddenly re-ignited, Sleep No More was followed by his number one chart topper Singing To Strangers.

Now Savoretti has really made his mark. With the release of his seventh hit album, Europiana he has an album on his hands which could well emerge as the early contender for album of the year.

With an album full of husky gravelly smoky sexy tunes that we expect, but yearn to hear more of, it is no surprise that Europiana went straight to number one. Conceived in sunny Oxfordshire during the Covid-19 pandemic, this album has a bit of everything; a bit of pop, a pinch of rock, a dash of romance, undertones of subtle jazz and even a dusting of bossa nova.

The album was recorded at Abbey Road with his wife and children adding a lovely childlike chorus to the sweeping and romantic opening track, I Remember Us. Showcasing immediately his slightly raspy and passionate vocals, the accompanying piano, violins, a military style drumbeat and synth background tones sets the bar very high indeed.

With tracks that are most certainly more upbeat, Secret Life with its infectious beats and sweeping synths is fast paced and provides Pet Shop Boysesque terrific dance music. It is a foot tapping nostalgia driven song which is terrific.

Who’s Hurting Who is a full on 70s disco song. With Nile Rodgers producing it, the song was always going to the be the single released from the album. It is a song that showcases the singer songwriter’s signature raspy vocals over brilliant disco infused beats with a chorus that just stays in your head.

John Oates (of Hall & Oates fame) plays guitar and sings backing vocals remotely from Nashville on the lush When You’re Lonely, and features a beautiful smooth sound by the versatile Savoretti with its delicate piano and accordion. There is a great piano background to More Than Ever; a soulful sentimental ballad which seems to be an emotional auto-biographical confessional which seems to refer to his childhood in Italy with regret and lost love featuring heavily. This song has Savoretti’s vocals at their very best.

With a great beat, joyful lyrics and vibrant voice, another great track is the 70’s sounding Too Much History. Transported back to Studio 54 with its flashing disco ball, it is a stayer of a song. Dancing In The Living Room makes you do just that with its disco driven beat making it impossible to keep still and Each And Every Moment defines itself with its wonderful instrumentals.

The Way You Say Goodbye is simply an incredibly moving love song. This real highlight of the album with its gorgeous soaring piano, violins and incredibly lovely vocals, transfers you back to the times of the 1942 film Casablanca, as the cinematic love story unfolds.

Penultimate song Calling Me Back is also a standout with its lively riffs and compelling lyrics and as the album closes with a beautiful sweeping ballad, War Of Worlds, with Savoretti’s heartfelt lyrics and its unique childlike ethereal sounding chorus, the 46 minutes had passed very quickly.

There are genuinely no fillers on this album; it captures the youth and early loves of one of Britain’s premier musicians. With holidays abroad remaining uncertain, Savoretti’s Europiano transports the listeners to balmy Mediterranean beaches filled with upbeat European pop and it is no hardship to make do with this until we can visit the real thing.

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Number of tracks: 11

Running time: 45:53

Released on: EMI

Release date: 25th June 2021

Formats: CD/Vinyl

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