Robert Plant was best known as being the charismatic rock and roll front man of Led Zeppelin from 1968 until the band broke up in 1980, when it was assumed that he would continue with his career in the same vein. Instead he went on to create a hugely diverse body of work that has touched on many genres of music.

And that is exactly what Plant’s latest offering clearly illustrates with the release of Digging Deep: Subterranea, a thirty track double album that showcases songs from his eleven solo albums together with three previously unreleased tracks. With this album Plant delivers an enjoyable journey through his solo work that provides both a sweet reminder of his talents and a real eye opener into just how much he has done as a solo artist.

With a wide vocal range that explores rock, country, pastoral, folk and a variety of influences somewhere in between, he also touches on many genres of music from Middle Eastern inspired to African, from jazz to Americana, and this album has it all.

The new tracks include the magnificent and creepy Nothing Takes The Place Of You which is an album highlight, written by Toussaint McCall and recorded for the film Winter In The Blood, and Charlie Patton Highway (Turn It Up – Part 1) is typical contemporary Plant. Disc two contains another new song, a country duet with Patty Griffin and is well worth a listen.

Disc one has the stomping blues rocking Shine It All Around from 2005’s Mighty Rearranger with its huge guitar riffs, a Zeppelin styled Hurting Kind from 1990’s Manic Nirvana, a blissful I Believe before a delightful acoustic version of Great Spirit brings that disc to a close.

Disc two has the psychedelic Embrace Another Fall from Lullaby And The Ceaseless Roar, released in 2014, the romantic croon Falling In Love Again that is reminiscent of a Honeydrippers song, the huge sounding Big Log with its tender guitar moments and the classy rendering of the Los Lobos song, Angel Dance.

Whilst Plant’s voice has matured and mellowed over the years and he certainly cannot reach the vocal levels of his Zeppelin years, his voice still remains a warm and comforting instrument. With no order to the songs, this non-chronological presentation showcases his diverse inspirations. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest singers of this rock era and this collection will do nothing to change that reputation.

This album is a must have addition to any Robert Plant collection. Despite omitting his best selling post Zeppelin album, Raising Sand, with Alison Krauss and his collaborations with Jimmy Page, what Plant has delivered is a hugely entertaining and diverse double album of his work.

Our Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Number of tracks: Disc 1 – 15 Disc 2 – 15

Running time: Disc 1 – 71:29 Disc 2 – 71:55

Released on: ES Paranza

Release date: 2nd October 2020

Formats: 2CD/DL/Vinyl/7” Box Set

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