10cc Performing their album Sheet Music in its entirety at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Thursday 19th February 2015

Images and review by Kevin Cooper

The original line up of Lol Crème, Eric Stewart, Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman were one of the best bands of their time to ever come out of Manchester. With influences ranging from The Beatles and The Beach Boys, they have sold more than 30 albums worldwide, with their epic, Dreadlock Holiday featuring in the 2010 film, The Social Network, being testament to their song’s timelessness.

With the band now being led by the only original member, Gouldman, they took a fresh look at the band’s 1974 album, Sheet Music. With him on bass and vocals, Paul Burgess on drums, Rick Fenn on lead guitar and the gentle vocals of Mick Wilson, this eager audience were taken for a gentle stroll down memory lane.

Dressed casually, the band took to the stage to deliver the album in its entirety. Tracks such as The Wall Street Shuffle, the fantastic Clockwork Creep and the so not applicable, The Worst Band In The World all served to remind us that good material will always stand the test of time. Highlights of the first half were Old Wild Men which is still a gorgeous ballad and the epic Somewhere In Hollywood allowed the much admired Kevin Godley to turn up on the giant video screen for his contribution. It was magnificent.

With the evening split into two, the old favourites and adored classics were not given the evening off. Clad in nice suits and ties, the band delivered hit after hit. When the haunting intro to I’m Not In Love started up, the reaction it brought with it almost took the roof off a packed Royal Concert Hall.

Solid gold hits like I’m Mandy Fly Me, Art For Art’s Sake, and The Dean And I brought the audience to their feet singing along whilst Feel The Benefit was an impressive instrumental extravaganza. Dreadlock Holiday was as fabulous as expected, whilst the set closer Life is a Minestrone did not disappoint.

Saving the best for the encore, the a capella version of Donna was breath-takingly beautiful. It literally brought the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention as the audience stood with their mouths wide open. It was an outstanding version and certainly the show stopper of the evening, which was brought to a close with the crowd pleaser Rubber Bullets.

Gouldman is clearly an affable performer. He amused us with stories throughout, giving credit to the writers behind each track, regardless that the members had left the band decades ago. This was also a really tight band and the care in which they continue to perform their loved classics made for a really impressive show.

Mention 10cc to anyone and they will immediately sing ‘I don’t like cricket, I love it’. Over the years those lyrics have been amended to include the town where they are performing, so tonight it was ‘I don’t like Nottingham, I love it’; sang to a really appreciative crowd. For taking us on a wonderful musical journey we don’t like 10cc; we love them.