Darren Hayes performing his Do You Remember Tour at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Tuesday 21st March 2023.

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

Australian Darren Hayes’ career began with a meteoric rise to fame when he joined up with Daniel Jones to form the duo Savage Garden, and they shot out of the gates with back to back hits that saw them top the charts around the world. But after two top selling albums they pulled the plug leaving Hayes to pivot to a solo career.

And it was to thunderous applause and squeals of delight that Hayes began his UK tour on Tuesday night at the Royal Concert Hall, where he delivered an array of Savage Garden songs and showcased new songs from his latest album, Homosexual.

He kicked off with jubilant versions of Homosapien and Chained To You, sung behind curtains that eventually revealed him standing on a platform. He didn’t waste any time as he launched straight into Savage Garden’s Affirmation and The Animal Song, dancing with two of his backing singers, and immediately had the crowd up and dancing.

Revealing that the extended break he had taken after releasing his epic 2011’s Secret Codes And Battleships was so that he could come to terms with the breakup of his marriage and the acknowledgement of his sexuality, he also entertained with tales of his pooch, Huxley, and his husband who hailed from Nottingham.

But the crowd absolutely revelled in hearing songs such as Casey, Insatiable and Dublin Sky from his solo career, and as he announced the party section of the show, new songs Do You Remember? Homosexual (Act One), and Let’s Try Being In Love were really well received.

To The Moon And Back came early in the set and when the first chords of Break Me Shake Me were heard, the crowd erupted, and there was no one in their seat for I Want You as they sang and danced away to the Savage Garden hit.

Finishing with The Best Thing, Hayes’ vocals had been outstanding and his stage presence captivating. Both old and new fans had been firmly in the palm of his hand, showing exactly why he is one of Australia’s finest artists.