Donovan performing his 50th Anniversary Tour at The Albert Hall Nottingham on Thursday 15th October 2015.

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

Legendary folk, rock troubadour Donovan showed The Albert Hall in Nottingham last night why he still remains an important part of popular culture, as he tours the UK to celebrate his 50 years in the music industry.

Entering the dark auditorium to polite applause, he took to the stage with just his guitar and sat crossed legged on cushions to deliver a selection of songs from his lengthy career.

With the lightening so low you could hardly see him, he began the evening with Catch The Wind which was quickly followed by Colours. Remember The Alamo reminded this audience why Donovan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 2012, and as he treated us to the lovely Jennifer Juniper, the songs just flowed. There was Josie and Candy Man before he finished the first half with Donna Donna.

The second half saw more storytelling, but the light was so low that when he was talking, he was sitting on the stage in the dark. He started with Universal Soldier which was well received but it was his next number Hurdy Gurdy Man that showed that his once angelic voice is, like all of us, getting older.

Promising to tell us stories of his relationship with the Beatles, he did get side-tracked and those stories remained untold. But he did regale us with tales of his Bohemian days with his friend Gypsy Dave (Mills) and how his frequent visits to The Trip To Jerusalem resulted in him being introduced to a professional tape recorder for the first time.

Following up with the amusing Intergalatic Laxative and Sunshine Superman, the set was brought to a close with sing a long tune, Mellow Yellow.

Telling the audience that he would be signing merchandise in the foyer, many of this crowd left with the suspicion that he may have mined to this final song. But they left the auditorium to meet this legendary performer who has had a great influence on 60’s music, even if it was to make sure that they got their £30’s worth.