Foxes performing her All I Need tour at The Sheffield Plug on Friday 26th February 2016

Review by Kevin Cooper

Louisa Rose Allen, better known as Foxes, invited us all to party with her at The Sheffield Plug last night and many turned up to pack the place out. She burst on to the stage with her short bobbed hair, wearing a black crop top and trousers, with a white tassel waistcoat which exacerbated her hand movements, and immediately captured this audience.

Sharing the stage with just a drummer, keyboard player and a musician playing double bass, she opened with Body Talk, a track from her new album All I Need. Throughout the entire set she was brilliant, hitting high note after high note and creating wonderful vocal harmonies all whilst dancing around the stage.

Favourites Holding Onto Heaven and Youth from her debut album were given an airing early on, whilst new tracks Feet Don’t Fail Me Now, Amazing and Cruel all had the Foxes trademark fun sound. A particular highlight was her cover of Justin Bieber’s hugely popular track Sorry, which she slowed right down and truly it sounded really beautiful.

She manages to captivate the audience and keep them in the palm of her hands. The pureness of her vocals without any embellishments just means that she is magical to watch, never more illustrated than the slow ballad, Glorious. She sings a lot about being young, wild and free and she manages to embody her youthful exuberance in getting this young crowd on her side.

With this appreciative audience shouting for more, she came back onto the stage to deliver that very special song that won her a Grammy in 2013, Clarity. With this packed venue clapping and singing at the top of their voices she ended the set with a bouncy and fun performance of Let Go For Tonight.

Foxes has a very special talent. She is a singer songwriter known for her compelling vocals, who at the same time knows how to have fun. This new kid on the block hit all the right notes last night and it is a dead cert that bigger venues will beckon.