Grimes performs her Ac!d Reign Tour at Rock City Nottingham on Tuesday 8th March 2016

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

It has been three years since Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, toured the UK, and so the enthusiastic crowd at Rock City were chomping at the bit last night.

Touring to promote her latest album Art Angles (her last offering being scrapped because it was too depressing to tour), Grimes was endearingly kooky and frenetic throughout.

Not one to tow the party line when it comes to live shows where most lap top based musicians are content to button push in front of some half-baked visual, Grimes choose backing dancers, a quirky outfit and bouncing energy which served to remind this eager crowd what they had been missing.

The mostly new tunes were given the dance club treatment with the bass and beat up front, which worked well in this big room. Older tunes like Oblivion worked her already frenzied fans into a higher state of disarray and with a set packed with quality from Genesis to Scream and Venus Fly Trap to Kill vs Maim, the show was a party from start to finish.

Her often stated claims that she is an uncomfortable performer were in no way in evidence tonight. She simply owned the stage as she rushed around like a tornado. With a very confident voice she showcased the artfully constructed pre-recorded synth pop tunes, Go and Phone Sex and her latest single REALiTi.

Grimes is the most weird, inventive and enormously exciting pop star we’ve had in years and her return to Rock City cannot come quickly enough.