Katie Melua performing her Love & Money Tour at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Friday 12th May 2023

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

The Georgian born singer, Katie Melua was at the Royal Concert Hall on Friday night as part of her tour in support of her latest album, Love & Money. Delivering a set list that saw pitch perfect performances of songs from her new album which were interspersed with some old songs and some cover versions.

With her band that was very much in the background, she opened with Joy from her 2020 Album No 8, and immediately evoked the kind of captivated hush that is usually reserved for church. For new song Lie In The Heat she painted the image of a perfect summer day before delighting with her most popular song, Nine Million Bicycles.

With a first half that included an impressive rendition of Remind Me Not To Forget and new songs, Golden Record, Darling Star and the album title track, Melua’s stage presence was as focused and professional throughout and the crowd hung on her every word.

She resumed her strong yet sincere vocals in the second half with A Love Like That and a hypnotising cover of Black’s Wonderful Life that really hit home with style and grace. There was also a beautiful rendition of fans favourite The Closest Thing To Crazy that saw the crowd completely captivated.

The tempo was upped a little with new song Quiet Moves with its twinkling keyboard notes around some urgent drumming before she finished her main set with her latest single, Those Sweet Days. For the encore the band was with her for an impressive Call Off The Search before they left the stage, leaving just Melua and her guitar for an outstanding acoustic version of I Cried For You which simply enthralled the crowd.

She had delivered a mesmerising performance that saw an almost silent crowd appreciating every note.