Laurence Fox playing his Holding Patterns Tour at The Bodega Nottingham on Thursday 19th May 2016

Image and Review by Kevin Cooper

Laurence Fox is playing his first tour as a signed artist to promote his debut album, Holding Patterns, and it was an eager audience who packed out The Bodega last night to see what all of the fuss was about.

Starting his career as a successful acting graduate from RADA, Fox’s success stretches from a marriage to Billie Piper, co-starring in Lewis and now he is attacking the music scene with his self-penned ballads. Last night’s performance could well be the continuation onto a new path of an already interesting career.

Coming onto the stage refreshingly early with his four piece band, Fox immediately engaged the crowd with delightful banter and it was this easy relaxed demeanour which carried on throughout the set, creating an atmosphere of a casual intimate party with his friends and doting fans.

Opening with Rise Again, it was clear that his singing and song writing are an insight into his relationships and emotions and his honest vocals are heart wrenchingly gorgeous, as he followed up with his latest single, Holding Pattern.

Announcing his next number, the melancholic I Am Free, he told this eclectic audience that he had no comment to make in case he got into trouble. And he has courted trouble when he has previously dedicated his next song, So Be Damned to his soon to be ex-mother in law. But with some knowing nods of agreement from some quarters of the crowd, the song went down really well.

Whilst the sound quality left a little to be desired, and his unpractised voice cracks a little when pushed, going from gravelly to grating, it was still a reasonable performance. The first song he had ever recorded, Gunfight, had the audience tapping their feet, whilst the Great Unknown was quickly followed by a quick impromptu guitar solo of Jingle Bells.

Other songs from his album, Best Mistake, Headlong and Shelter each had their own unique sound, with an emotive sensitivity that touches your soul. But it was Mostly Water, a song Fox has written about his children which was the stand out moment. A surprisingly brilliant song which he managed to fill with such emotion rarely found in today’s music.

You will not be bopping around your living room to Fox’s songs or singing them in the shower. His songs are meaningful, reflective and better suited to those times when you can truly appreciate and absorb this wonderful talent. I don’t think we have heard the last of Laurence Fox, the musician.