Mallory Knox performing their Homecoming Tour at Rock City Nottingham on Wednesday 7th October 2015

Images and Review by  Kevin Cooper

For a band that was playing venues half the size of Rock City not even a year ago, Mallory Knox have come a long way. After an extensive tour, this alternative rock band from Cambridge are back on familiar territory and after the release last year of their second album, Asymmetry, they are back with their Homecoming Tour.

Opening with Shout At The Moon they showed that they are now a force to be reckoned with. With the stage framed with a colour changing ‘MK’, they followed with Wake Up with its rasping guitar riffs and unassailable melody. Hello, clearly a crowd favourite, began with their powerful sound; hard drums and short strums of the guitar which made moshing easy for the fans as they found it difficult to stand still.

From swaying in time to Heart & Desire to head banging to Ghost In The Mirror, Mallory Knox kept this crowd entertained. Having performed most of their Asymmetry album, it was the first chords of Beggars, their old classic from their debut album, Signals which had this crowd singing along.

Finishing the main set with Dare You, front man Mikey Chapman had been entertaining throughout; his personality being a definite match to the quality of their music. Smiles never left their faces as they hurtled through their encore with such delights as She Took Him To The Lake and Oceans, before finally ending with the song that everyone had been waiting for; Lighthouse.

On this performance it was easy to see why Mallory Knox has become so popular. They always put catchy hooks into their songs that just dare you to sing along and with the talent that this group so obviously has, it won’t be long before bigger venues beckon.