Mumford & Sons performing their Delta Tour at the Motorpoint Arena Nottingham on Tuesday 27th November 2018

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

Mumford & Sons wanted to make this tour in support of their fourth studio album, Delta, a really special occasion. And with a packed Motorpoint Arena turning out to see what all of the fuss is about, they certainly did not disappoint.

Due to the flamboyant stage, they have had to cancel four dates, and it was easy to see why some venues just could not fit it all in. But thankfully there was no such problem for the Arena as a long rectangular structure with stepped platforms at its extremities and complex awe inspiring moving lights which formed the shape of an arc gave this London quartet the opportunity to ensure that all of their loyal fans had a good view of them.

But despite this phenomenal stage setting it’s the same old Mumfords, only with more freedom to roam about the stage. Singing and stamping away from several microphones and kick drum stations around the stage, they opened with a rousing Guiding Light which immediately had the crowd whipped up into a foot stomping frenzy.

With the bands raw talent and musical ability definitely on show, songs such as Little Lion Men, Tompkins Square Park, White Blank Page and The Cave sounded simply sublime with Marcus’ powerful vocals demonstrating an impressive range.

Winston Marshall switched between the banjo and guitar with ease whilst Ted Wayne’s masterful control of the double bass was simply jaw dropping to watch. A real highlight of the show was a hair raising rendition of Believe from 2015’s Wilder Mind which saw the room being illuminated with phone torches and was really quite special.

But the pace did slow because of the unfamiliarity of the new material. The Wild and Slip Away practically went unnoticed but there were some highlights however, notably a lovely version of Beloved accompanied by support artist Maggie Rogers.

Ditmas saw Marcus undertaking an impromptu circuit of the Arena before fireworks, pyrotechnics and a blinding light display took over as they finished their main set with The Wolf.

Back on for the encore the intimacy peaked with a spine tingling unplugged rendition of Timshel, which saw them all surround a microphone, doing away with all of the flashiness that we’d seen before.

Ending on foot stomping performances of Awake My Soul, a major crowd sing along of massive hit I Will Wait, and the impressive Delta, Mumford & Sons waved goodbye to what was a truly magical night, proving that they are a world away from Bosun’s Locker, the sixty capacity basement bar on the King’s Road in Chelsea where the four of them first road tested their material more than a decade ago.