Patty Griffin performing her Servant Of Love Tour at The Glee Club Nottingham on Wednesday 20th January 2016

Images and Review by  Kevin Cooper

Patty Griffin, is currently touring the UK to promote her ninth studio album, Servant Of Love and it was an appreciative Glee Club that welcomed her to Nottingham last night.

Ably supporting her was Frankie Lee, who had all the hall marks of a young Bob Dylan as he showcased his debut album, American Dreamer, with his wild and radical songs.

After Lee’s cut down set Patty Griffin took to the stage in these intimate surroundings to showcase her mellow, stripped down songs.

Opening with oldie, Move Up from her Downtown Church album, she swiftly move on to introduce her new songs to this eager audience. There Isn’t One Way was followed by Gunpowder, a song which addresses corporate greed, whilst Made Of The Sun’s composition is heart-breaking and lovely.

What you do get with Griffin are song lyrics which are pure poetry and music which fills your soul. New songs such as 250,000 Miles, and Shine A Different Way show that she is a gift to music lovers who like thoughtful moving songs, sung by a woman with a larger than life voice.

Whilst some in the audience may have been disappointed that her set included so many new numbers, she can be forgiven this because she has an intensity about her that draws her listeners in with songs that soar and sizzle with the type of brooding and reflective song writing for which Griffin has become known.

But she did give some oldies and outing. There was the well-received Truth #2 from her Silver Bell album and Ohio from her award winning American Kid. Finishing her set with the rousing We Shall All Be United, it was easy to see why she has been covered by the likes of the Dixie Chicks, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. She is definitely a songwriter for the grown-ups.