Ronan Keating performing his All The Hits Tour at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Monday 13th June 2022.

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

Ronan Keating was back at the Royal Concert Hall on Monday night to celebrate twenty two years as a solo artist and to showcase the release of his lockdown albums, Twenty Twenty and Songs From Home.

As the lead singer with one of the biggest ever Irish boy bands, he needed no introduction. Accompanied by a six piece band, when he walked on to the stage dressed all in white, the screams from the predominantly female crowd were deafening.

Despite the Dublin singer promising all of his hits, he did open the proceedings with new song Heyday, but after that he certainly delivered.

Lovin’ Each Day induced the evening’s first sing along and with everyone on their feet where they remained for the entire evening; he followed up with the likes of Isn’t It A Wonder and the delightful Breathe.

Slowing things right down for a cover of Tracey Chapman’s Baby Can I Hold You, the Bee Gees’ Words and Anne Murray’s You Needed Me, the crowd swayed, arms aloft as they sung every word right back at him.

The set list was peppered with classic hits from his Boyzone catalogue, such as No Matter What, One More Song and Picture Of You, which took the crowd on a trip down memory lane.

With his charismatic between song banter, he really engaged with the crowd and whilst there was a fantastic version of Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl, the show felt a little flat. Keating hadn’t delivered anything different or exciting and although this was a tour to celebrate his greatest hits; some of those hits have been around for twenty two years.

With record sales declining, Keating is undoubtedly a great live entertainer, and with his soft Irish lilt, he had the crowd hanging on his every word. And when he launched into When The Going Gets Tough and set closer Life Is A Rollercoaster, he was rewarded with a well earned standing ovation.