Shakespears Sister performing their Ride Again Tour at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Thursday 31st October 2019

Images by Kevin Cooper

Unfortunately, there is no review of Shakespears Sister’s opening night of their first tour together in over twenty six years but there are plenty of photographs to show that everyone had a splendid time.

In order to perhaps understand their decision, a brief synopsis of their history may help. In 1988 singer songwriter Siobhan Fahey decided that girl group Banarama was no longer for her and as a consequence she left the group that had been listed in the Guinness World Records as being the most successful female group ever.

She went on to form Shakespears Sister, and for a year recorded and toured on her own, until she was joined in 1989 by the American musician Marcella Detroit. This duo then went on to have two top ten albums and a string of top ten hits, which included their 1992 hit Stay.

Unfortunately there was a great deal of animosity between them which resulted in Detroit being sacked in 1993 and the name Shakespears Sister was retired by Fahey in 1996.

Having not spoken to each other since the acrimonious spilt, fans were excited to hear that in 2018 the pair seemed to have buried the hatchet and in 2019 they reunited as Shakespears Sister for their Ride Again Tour which saw them appear at the Royal Concert Hall last night.

With the no review request what we do know that along with Marco Pirroni on guitar the ladies delivered tracks from their EP, Ride Again as well as some songs from their very successful Hormonally Yours album, including Stay and a couple of songs from 1989’s Sacred Heart.