Stackridge performing The Final Bow Tour at The Village Hall Lowdham Nottingham on Friday 25th September 2015


Review & Images by Kevin Cooper

Stackridge made their fourth and final visit to Lowdham Village Hall last night, to perform an evening of their quirky songs on The Final Bow Tour. With long standing members James Warren (vocals and bass) and Andy Cresswell-Davis (guitar and vocals) being joined by Claire Lindley (strings, guitar and vocals), Eddie John (drums) and Glenn Tommey (keyboards), they opened the set with Over The Horizon and a number from their 1974 album Man In A Bowler Hat, The Road To Venezuela.

Each of their albums was re-visited with tracks such as Long Dark River, Purple Spaceships Over Yatton, the excellent Red Squirrel and the extremely well received No Ones More Important Than The Earthworm. Their set was filled with strange characters such as Syracuse The Elephant and Dora The Female Explorer and as Warren and Cresswell-Davis have previously enjoyed chart success in the 1970’s in the guise of The Korgis, All I Do Is Dream Of You was given an outing.

There is no doubt that Stackridge are quintessentially and barkingly British; delivering songs that can be likened to children’s nursery rhymes with attitude. But having decided that this is their last tour, they made this gig a huge celebratory event from start to finish. The glorious thing about this concert was just how much fun everyone was evidently having on stage, and it was no surprise that a rousing ovation called them back for an encore of Lummy Days and Slark The Monster.

Each and every member is so vital a component of that wondrous thing that is Stackridge and they will be sorely missed.