The K’s performing their I Wonder If The World Knows? Tour at Rock City Nottingham on Saturday 27th April 2024.

Review by Kevin Cooper

Gigging for over seven years now and having supported the likes of Blondie and James as well as being a regular act at festivals across the country, The K’s were immediately at home on the Rock City stage on Saturday night.

Having achieved such a lot since they formed in 2017, they have finally released their debut album, I Wonder If The World Knows? and now the sky is undoubtedly the limit for them. Having transformed from an exciting underground indie band to performing contemporary indie rock, the K’s are brimming with musical talent.

With all of the album tracks getting an airing mixed with a few oldies, they opened with Icarus, a fast paced song which set the tone for the night. With deep and soulful vocals from front man Jamie Boyle, searing guitar playing from Ryan Breslin, a thumping bass from Dexter Baker and impossibly fast drumming by Jordan Holden, they followed up with the infectious Chancer with its upbeat riff.

New song Heart On My Sleeve sounds as though it has been around for years and not a recent release as the crowd sang all of the words back at them. Picture with its electric guitar riff forced the song forward making the crowd surge forward with it. Fans favourites from the new album No Place Like Home and Throw It All Away were very well received and the excellent Glass Towns had the crowd spilling their beer as they danced away.

For the encore there was a single blinding spotlight with just Boyle and Breslin on keyboards, as they delivered a poignant rendition of Valley One. The tempo was raised with the faster paced Hometown before they finished with the roaring Sarajevo, The K’s first single and the song that put them on the musical map.

The K’s songs have some real musicality, clever and sometimes touching lyrics. But live they are all about their energy which never faltered as they showcased their banging tunes which were loud, fun, noisy and exciting.