The Pretty Reckless performing their Who You Selling For Tour at Rock City Nottingham on Thursday 19th January 2017

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

Last night a packed Rock City welcomed The Pretty Reckless and whilst they had to wait a while for them to make an appearance, when they did arrive on stage the three band members, drummer Jamie Perkins, guitarist Ben Phillips and bass player Mark Damon made an immediate impact. It was unfortunate that front woman Taylor Momsen seemed a little unsteady and did not make the same impression, but none the less she was greeted by a screaming audience.

Opening with Follow Me Down from their 2014 album, Going To Hell, there was a feeling that Momsen may have been miming or that the effect of the jet lag that she complained off was causing real problems for her. But the New York based rockers set continued with fans favourites from that and their debut album, Light Me Up, and Momsen did show why they are one of the hottest bands around at the moment. They delivered the chilling Sweet Things and Heaven Knows followed by Just Tonight and Make Me Wanna Die, with Momsen taking a turn playing the guitar on some of the tracks.

Dressed in her trademark black, she soon found some form, bounding across the stage, flailing her blond hair and reaching out to the fans who had queued to get to the front. With her unique, brashy but strong voice it was easy to see why the band were content to let her take the lead, and whilst The Pretty Reckless may seem to some as the Taylor Momsen show, there is no doubting the talent of the other three.

Touring to promote their latest album, Who You Selling For, some new songs were given an outing. Hangman and Prisoner were very well received before closer Take Me Down with its repetitive chorus enticed the crowd to yell along.

The Pretty Reckless proved last night why they are currently sitting on top of the rock world. With the concert finally finding its feet and with their songs ranging from the melodic to the raucous, they have something for everyone. Last night they delivered not just rock, but pretty reckless rock which can only get better once the jet lag has gone.