The Wombats performing their Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life Tour at Rock City Nottingham on Wednesday 21st March 2018

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

The Wombats performed to a sold out crowd at Rock City as they tour the UK to promote their new album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life. These rockers from Liverpool seem to be experiencing a bit of a resurgence as of late and on last night’s performance it was easy to see why.

Now a band with a proper back catalogue of tunes to pick from, their set list had enough of their new album to make it a fresh appearance for anyone who had not seen them before, whilst also containing the sing along classics, that everyone knows and loves.

When the trio took to the stage they dived straight into new material. Opening with Cheetah Tongue they then turned the clock back a little for Give Me A Try and 1996. Kill The Director sparked an electric current throughout the crowd, and with them responding to almost every song played on the set list as though it was an anthem, there was a number of mass sing alongs.

New songs Black Flamingo and the grungy White Eyes were full of invigorating bite, illustrating their instrumental crunch in the new album, as Murphy, Haggis and Overland Knudsen showcased just how tight a band they are.

With lead singer Murphy explaining that he was feeling a little under the weather but judging by his performance last night you would have thought otherwise because the energy that he displayed got the crowd on side for the whole of the gig.

The Wombats continued through a thoughtfully arranged set, spacing out new tracks such as Lemon To A Knife Fight, which was a real crowd pleaser, amongst their back catalogue of hits and most popular album tracks. Techno Fan, Moving To New York and Jump Into The Fog earned huge reactions.

The crowd erupted for break out single Let’s Dance To Joy Division and the atmosphere for the band’s most iconic single was immense, with the chorus still being belted out as the band went off the stage.

When The Wombats came back on for their encore, the energy peaked. With arguably the most popular song from their latest album, Turn, they continued the party with Tokyo (Vampires And Wolves) which turned the show up yet another gear. The show finished on a real high with hit single, Greek Tragedy, with its anthemic chorus providing the perfect end to a frantic night.

The next time that The Wombats return to Nottingham there will be an undoubted rush for tickets as this polished and slick band will certainly sell out Rock City again.