Wolfmother perform their Gypsy Caravan Tour at Rock City Nottingham on Thursday 14th April 2016

Images and Review Kevin Cooper

Wolfmother are back.  Truth is they never went anywhere, but amidst the turmoil of many line-up changes they may have lost some of their steam in the public eye, but looking at this packed Rock City crowd last night, that is not the case.

The trio launched onto the stage with their lead single Victorious from their latest album.  New songs are always nervy affairs but the crowd were more than a match for Stockdale’s powerful vocals, indicating to the band that they had got this song bang on.

New Moon Rising was followed by arguably their most recognisable song Woman which sent the atmosphere to another level.  Mosh pits, crowd surfing, you name it, this gig had it.  Looking as though they were three mates who had just left the pub, they rattled through their heavy classics Apple Tree, White Union and Dimension from their self-named debut album.

The band were extremely tight.  Drummer Carapetis and guitarist Peres were in sync which allowed Stockdale to do what he does best, rock the hell out of songs like White Feather and California Queen.  New song Gypsy Caravan was one of the stand out songs of the night; not as fast paced, but just as heavy as the previous songs.

There was some respite from the mayhem with ballad Pretty Peggy, another from the new album.  But the crowd went wild as they finished the main set with old favourites Pyramid and Colossal and demanded an encore.  Not ones to disappoint they were back on for Vagabond and finisher, Joker & The Thief which sparked a monumental response from the audience.

Wolfmother are not your ordinary rock band.  Their music carries an essence of Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath with a heavy dose of Deep Purple.  In other words they were brilliant.