Huey Morgan, frontman with Fun Lovin’ Criminals did NOT chat with Kevin Cooper about the 20th anniversary of their album Come Find Yourself, the release of their 3 CD Deluxe box set, the prospect of a new studio album and their forthcoming tour of the UK

Huey Morgan is the lead vocalist and guitarist with rock hip hop band Fun Lovin’ Criminals. In 1993, Morgan formed the band with Brian Leiser and Steve Borgovini, and they have since released six studio albums, three of which made the top ten in the UK Albums Chart. They have also scored eight top forty hits in the UK Singles Chart. In 2010 Morgan made a guest appearance in the music video of Plan B’s single Prayin’, and in 2012 collaborated with JetTricks on the track See Us Through from their Better Than Real Life album. Also in 2012, Morgan released his début solo album Say It To My Face credited to Huey and the New Yorkers.

Morgan also previously co-owned The Voodoo Lounge, The Dice Bar and DiFontaine’s Pizza Place in Dublin. He opened Notting Hill Tattoo Studio, Love Hate Social Club with New York Tattoo Artist Ami James in November 2012. He also performs as a BBC Radio DJ, and has made film and TV appearances.

Not really wanting to chat with Kevin Cooper (or anyone) about their forthcoming tour, the interview was cut short. When he could be bothered to answer some questions, this is what he had to say.

Hi Huey how are you?

How are you Kevin?

I’m good thank you how are you?

I’ve been better, I’m a little jet lagged and under the weather but I’m cool man.

Let me firstly thank you for taking the time to speak to me.

Oh my pleasure.

And how is life treating you?

It’s treating me really good.

Are you still living in London Huey?

No, I haven’t lived in London for a couple of years now.

That’s a shame as I was going to ask you if living here suited you but obviously not as you have left us.

(Laughter) no, it doesn’t suit me; my city is New York.

I love New York and I try to get over there once or twice every year.

I have just got back so that is why I am a little jet lagged. I was down in New Orleans as well, so I am just doing what I can you know.

Now we have got to talk about the album, Come Find Yourself, can you believe that it has been twenty years?

It’s twenty one years and yes I believe it. We did the twentieth anniversary tour last year so I guess by the time that we play Nottingham again it will be twenty one years.

The album has stood the test of time really well hasn’t it?

Well that’s for you guys to decide.

Did you know when you recorded the album that you had something special?

Yeah, I think so.

Do you have a favourite track Huey?

Not really man, no.

Each track is as good as the other?

Pardon me?

It’s all as good as itself, each track is as good as the other?

Well, I never look at things in lists. I never did the whole list thing so. Also when we made the record we didn’t make a bunch of songs, we made a record, so it was a little bit of a different head space to what we are dealing with now in the music business.

You went out last year and played the whole album. How did you find that as an experience, did you enjoy it?

Yes, it was a lot of fun you know, it was one of those things where you don’t really know what it is going to be like until you actually play it. And then you realise that it is a lot of fun. The track listing was really well put together; it is a complete thought. I think that it a good thing to still be able to do.

Does it annoy you when you put all of your efforts into making an album which runs from A to Z and then kids come along and cherry pick two tracks from the middle of it?

What was the question, does it annoy me?

Yes, kids no longer listen to albums as they were intended to be listen to.

I don’t get annoyed at stuff like that. Once you have finished a record as a musician then it is not yours anymore, the music is everybody else’s you know. It’s for the people to do with what they want, you know. It’s for them to enjoy, I don’t care how they do it.

You released a three CD Deluxe box set of the album. Did you have any input in that?

None whatsoever…..and if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I want to sell you.

They didn’t release a 20th anniversary deluxe vinyl version did they? Why was that?

Yes they did.

Really, well you can’t find it anywhere here in the UK.

Well what do you want me to do, search Google for you. Come on man.

Okay, moving on, you will be touring the UK in February and March, what can we expect?

For me to be a little more talkative than I am now.

(Laughter) that would be great.

Rock City, is that a must play every time that you tour the UK?

Well, for us it is a place that, you know, a lot of our friends live in that area, so yeah.

Is it true that you first met Frank (Benbini) there back in 1996?

Yeah, that’s true.

Any thoughts on a new studio album?


What about solo work, any thoughts on a solo album?


Okay, this is going really well.

Well you know you are asking me fucking questions that I have been answering for twenty fucking year’s man, what do you expect?

Okay, well lets draw things to a close then Huey. I don’t give a shit to be honest.

Alright, bye.



Thanks (laughter).

At that point the interview was terminated.