Michael Ball (MB), actor, singer and broadcaster and Alfie Boe (AB), actor and tenor, attempted to smash a world record on Friday 27th November as they raced across the country to greet hundreds of fans and sign copies of their new album, Together Again.

Attempting to visit five cities within 24 hours, they will be visiting Manchester, Blackpool, Sheffield, and Nottingham before flying by helicopter to London’s Oxford Street Store. If they succeed they will claim the record number of public appearances by a musical artist, a title currently held by boy band, Westlife, who visited five cities in 36 Hours.

Whilst stopping for a whirlwind visit in Nottingham, Kevin Cooper caught up with them for a quick chat and this is what they had to say.

Good afternoon gents, how are you holding up?

MB I have to tell you, I am knackered (laughter). I am absolutely knackered but it’s good. It really is lovely, and there has been such a nice response from everyone who has queued up and waited and I have to tell you that there have been bloody loads of them. It’s lovely, it has been really good.

Has anyone been left disappointed or have you signed for everyone who has come along to see you?

MB No, I am pleased to say that no one has been disappointed; we have managed to get through everyone. We have made sure that we have signed for everyone who has come along.

I have to ask, whose idea was it?

AB The record company.

MB Well it most certainly wasn’t ours (laughter).

So I take it that you will be changing record companies after this?

MB Yes we certainly will be (laughter).

Are you managing to get any rest between cities?

AB Not today (laughter). I have been trying to keep the driver awake. Oh my word, I feel like I am driving myself (laughter). It’s a nightmare.

MB I actually gave it some thought and bought my iPad along with me. So I have watched The Walking Dead and now I am watching Robert De Nero and Michelle Pfeiffer in The Family.

You just have to get Nottingham out of the way and then it’s homeward bound.

MB Yes it is. We then get to ride in a helicopter down to London. I’m flying so everything should be okay (laughter). What can go wrong?

Do you have any idea just how many copies of Together Again you have already signed?

AB I have absolutely no idea (laughter).

MB Somebody is keeping a running total but I haven’t.

What would be a nice final total for you?

AB Four and a half million (laughter). How about that? That would be really cool.

MB I don’t know and I don’t care, I’m too tired to think.

Would you do it again?

AB Not today. Perhaps next time we could do it on motorbikes.

MB Only if someone beat our record. All that I can say is that if someone beat our record then good luck to them. Yes absolutely, I would do it again. Motorbikes, now that is a really good idea (laughter).

How about the next time that you do it, it is over fourteen days and you use an electric car.

MB And we could charge it up after every city. That would be really nice and sedate; perhaps we could take a caravan with us (laughter). We could stop in lay-bys along the way (laughter). You will have to excuse me because I am literally hysterical with tiredness.

AB We could turn it into a touring holiday (laughter).

So will it be feet up for you both tomorrow?

MB No I’m working tomorrow. I have my radio show to present and the same again on Sunday. So it’s all go at the minute.

AB No we can’t stop tomorrow, we will be working promoting the album. After the efforts of today it will be business as usual this weekend.

Last year on the Together Tour you played three dates here at the Royal Concert Hall. What do you think to our fair city?

AB I know that Michael has played here in Nottingham many times and he loves the place. I think that Nottingham has a certain vibe about it when it comes to live entertainment. I am beginning to appreciate that the more that I perform here. It’s great.

MB We both love Nottingham. Last year as you rightly say we sold out three shows at the Royal Concert Hall and so this year we are coming back to perform at the arena. Nottingham is great; I have done Mac And Mabel, Passion and Hairspray here so I know Nottingham well. I was in Passion at The Theatre Royal back in 1996. There are always great audiences, a great buzz and it is lovely here at Christmas as well. The Christmas fair in the market place is great.

You may not know about this Alfie but Michael and I were speaking yesterday about the two of you performing a Wham type duet. However, we then thought that Pepsi and Shirley could well be a better idea. So I have to ask; have you sorted out who is going to be Pepsi and who is going to be Shirley?

MB (Hysterical laughter) wake me up before you go-go (laughter). Are you a Pepsi or a Shirley (laughter).

AB What the fuck. I will have to say Pepsi because it is better than being a Shirley.

On that note I will let you get on with it all. Good luck with the record attempt, I hope that all goes well.

MB Cheers Kevin, thanks mate.

AB Good to see you Kevin. Thanks for that.

Post: Michael Ball and Alfie Boe did manage to break the world record and visited five cities in a 24 hour period.