Enter Shikari performing their Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible Tour at Rock City Nottingham on Thursday 19th May 2022

Images and Review by Kevin Cooper

Enter Shikari came to Rock City on Thursday night as part of their extensive UK and European tour which was originally planned for 2020, so it had been a long wait for their fans. And having made good use of their lockdown time with the release of their latest album, Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible, the fans were eager to hear the new songs live.

There was a literal audio countdown with a mix of Atlantic Soul, party hits, and Northern Soul breaking up the announcements which just added to the anticipation.

When front man Rou Reynolds, bassist Chris Batten, drummer Rob Rolfe and guitarist Rory Clewlow, made their way onto the stage, the atmosphere was electric as they launched into new song, The Great Unkown with its bursts of confetti.

From there they continued with the raucous Destabilise and the drum ‘n’ bass inflected Sssnakepit while the stadium rock song, Crossing The Rubican had everyone singing along. The crowd loved every minute as they danced to Anaesthetist and jumped around to {The Dreamer’s Hotel}.

As they reached Satellites, one of the highlights of the evening, there was no signs of Reynolds’ energy levels dropping. Later in the set was a swaggering Rabble Rouser, Arguing With Thermometers and The Pressure’s On which had to be restarted because Reynolds started the song with the second verse. Towards the end of the night was Sorry, You’re Not A Winner and hearing the packed crowd clap in unison really was something else.

For the encore there was a beautiful acoustic stripped back take on Constellations delivered by Reynolds, and as Live Outside finished the evening, the crowd surfing becoming more manic.

Enter Shikari had undoubtedly delivered a comfortable, confident show which had been empowering, electric and absolutely euphoric. The sold out crowd for the Friday night gig were in for a real treat.